How much should a school ERP cost?

Asking “how much should an ERP cost?” is like asking “how much should a car cost?” you can’t answer the question without knowing the user & his requirements.

A quick google search can get you ERP solutions costing absolutely Nothing to 10 –12 lakhs. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to spend on ERP.

The following questionnaire will help you decide the appropriate amount you need to spend on ERP solution

How many students do you need to manage?

If student count is less than 100, you should consider using Excel sheets. It will be time-saving & easier than any ERP. If your student count is less than 500 then you could either use excel or any free version of school ERP software available in the market. If your student count is greater than 500 then you should spend 70K to 350K (per year) for online ERP solution & at least 10 lakh (one time) for offline ERP solution.

Do you want your software to work online OR offline?

Usually, offline software comes with one time fees & annual maintenance charge & online software comes with annual subscription fees. I would recommend choosing an online software because you don’t need to spend a huge initial amount & this will also save your cost on infrastructure like servers. Online software can also help you get updates anywhere, anytime.

Are you going to provide any mobile app to parents/teachers?

If you are spending your valuable time & money on ERP solution then you should consider providing a mobile app for your teachers (to make their work easier) & parents (to provide them access of features like daily homework, notices, attendance, fee payments, etc.) Many ERP providers provide custom-built apps for free.

What features you actually need?

Never look at how many modules, always think of what modules you need. Many times you will get 40 modules at a reasonable amount but to get one more important module (ex. library or bus tracking) they will ask you to pay more! so always be careful when the company provides packages like Basic, Gold, Platinum, etc. Before making a purchase, don’t ask for modules, ask for what kind of reports you are going to get with the ERP.

What kind of after-sales support is provided?

The only thing which will turn you down is the after-sales support. everyone claims that they are available for you always but only some of them can keep their promise. Check the existing clients of the ERP provider & call them for feedback. Think about how much you are paying to the ERP provider & is it feasible for him to provide the support in that cost, because if he is charging you Rs. 10000 per year then how is he going to pay for the expense of his support executive. Also, you should keep the personal mobile number of following people 1. ERP Salesman 2. Support 3. Company Owner/CEO. Also always opt for human support on-site, many companies provide online support / online training but this type of support can cause serious problems when disaster strikes.

In case if you need a reliable solution here are some of the names

  1. Fedena (This is an Open-source school ERP solution)
  2. School Portal 

Hope this answer will help you choose the right product with the right pricing.